5 Reliable Websites for Free Math Worksheets

When it comes to mastering Math topics, practise is crucial – practising your Math skills daily. This is especially so with mental calculation.

Our brain is like a muscle that needs to “exercise” daily in order to grow “stronger” – just like bodybuilders. They must be self- disciplined and spend a good amount of time working out in the gym in order to build their muscles.

A few days back, my No.2, who is currently 7 years old, got very upset about not being fast enough to solve 10 addition questions in 1 minute. She understands the concept of addition and subtraction. However, I notice that she tends to take her time to do her counting. That’s when I decided to encourage her to practise doing mental calculations everyday. I have planned for her to attempt about 10-15 questions daily.

So I set out to look for websites that will enable me to generate Math worksheets for FREE. So below are 5 awesome and reliable websites, where you can find easily printable Math worksheets that are high quality and incredibly engaging:

1. Math Worksheet Site

Although this site does offer subscription options, the free version (in my opinion) is just as good. Based on the website introduction, the site offers resources not only for children but adults too. You can obtain a temporary password in case you would like to test drive the site before signing up with them.

2. Math Salamander

I have used resources from this site since my No.1 was still in kindergarten, which is some 4 years ago. Math Salamander was created by an elementary-age teacher, Crispin, who has over two decades of teaching experience. This site has math worksheets for preschoolers up till 6th Graders. You are also able to generate your own Math worksheets on each of the four operations, practise times table and money skills.

3. Soft Schools (My Favourite)  

This site is by far, one of my personal favourite. Besides Math teaching materials, Soft Schools also contain Literacy, Science and Social Studies resources for Pre-K to High School! Awesome or awesome? Best of all, there are fun, educational games for the children (and maybe even parents as well) to try.

Below are the benefits if you choose to sign up for a Premium account,

  • Ad Free Site
  • Common Core State Standards Test Prep for Grades K to 8
  • Spelling Practice with Sounds
  • Math Facts Practice
  • Track Progress
  • Create Individual Student Accounts
  • Teachers can create up to 30 Student Accounts
  • Parents can create up to 3 Student Accounts

4. Math Aids

Containing over 94 Math topics and more than 1200 dynamically generated worksheets, maths-aids.com provides an endless supply of quality Math worksheets at your disposal. However, if you choose to sign up as a member, it will only cost you less than 5 1/2 cents a day! It definitely beats buying multiple assessment books that can only be used once.

5. The Teacher’s Corner

The Teacher’s Corner site is created and maintained by a husband-wife team, Chad & Jennifer Jensen. They have managed to keep the site free due to the advertising banners. This couple’s goal to create useful tools and resources for both parents and teachers for FREE is truly commendable. It is a bonus that the content uploaded on the site is interesting as well. My favourite part of this site are the wide selection of Printable Worksheets. Aside from being able to generate Math worksheets, there are also cross word puzzle, money worksheets, sudoku worksheets, close/fill in the blank worksheets and even handwriting worksheets!

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